Magical College For Conjuration

Fantastic Brews and Where To Find Them! A celebration of magic and wizardry, with the usual MCFC flair. As such, some of the things from the universe you're used to might not be exactly the same. And some things are rather different, because they kind of have to be. So may I introduce you to...

The Magical College for Conjuration

Founded many years ago to fill the gap of knowledge left by a departing institution, The Magical College for Conjuration came together as a place for witches and wizards to share their knowledge and form social links for years to come. In an attempt to prevent the non-magical community from detecting their presence it was decided that in lieu of a traditional collegiate format the college would be a once a year gathering.

The Magical College for Conjuration convenes once a year for a four day gathering. Over those four days those members of the college come together to share their year’s worth of magical discoveries and research, attend lectures from across the community, and take part in a not insignificant amount of revelry.

Upon arriving at the college, new students are able to choose one of the three houses to be part of. The houses represent different aspects of the magical studies done at the Magical College for Conjuration. The choice of house allows for the best sharing of abilities and personalities.

The College often has many visiting lecturers arrive during the gathering, from knowledgeable witches and wizards of old to returning alumni of note from the College itself. The lectures they provide give a perfect opportunity for them to show off their skills and impart knowledge to the aspire minds of the students.

To maintain their secrecy during the gathering various spells are used to conceal their meeting place from the local No-Majs. For example, a No-Maj would see the events as a convention known to them as Motor City Furry Con and, subsequently, (for reasons not really clear) they tend to stay away.

Whether you’re a new student or a returning eager mind we’re sure you will enjoy your time spent at The Magical College for Conjuration. As always, remember:

Draco Sectam Furrure Dormiens Numquam Titillandus

The Houses of MCFC

The three great houses of the Magical College for Conjuration are made up of Artifex House, Socialis House, and Lycanto House. The houses each represent a facet of the of the community of students that flock to the school every year. When they arrive their first year all students are able to choose their house. This ability to choose one's own house differs from the norms of other magical institutions. The founders of MCFC felt that the ability to choose outright allowed for a clearer idea of where the strengths of each student lie.


Artifex House

Head of House: Professor Artemis Kit

Artifex House is the home of those with a proclivity towards the artistic sides of magic. Students from this house are often fond of conjuring new and fantastical creations into existence. Sometimes considered the quietest of the houses, rest assured, from their silence amazing things are sure to spring.


Socialis House

Head of House: Professor Nizzbit Tiger

Socialis House belongs to those whose magic brings people together. Those from this house are often happiest surrounded by others. It is during these times of togetherness that their magic is strongest, either being put to use to bring happiness to close friends or, through spectacular feats, entertaining all those they can.


Lycanto House

Head of House: Professor Keet Collie

Lycanto House is prowled by the practitioners of the powerful arts of transfiguration. Often their magic is put to the use of transforming themselves or others into creatures of many and varied forms. Once transfigured these students may frequently be found wandering the halls of the school. If found, beware the "boop".

Frequently Asked Questions for: Theme

What is the theme for this year's convention?
Fantastic Brews and Where To Find Them! A celebration of magic and wizardry, with the usual MCFC flair.
I don't see things I recognize from that universe?
Yeah, we had to do things a little bit differently. Similar concept, different names. Because it's not as much fun to just copy, right?
Are we allowed to use things from that universe?
Certainly! And we encourage it.