What is Motor City Furry Con?

Motor City Furry Con is a spring convention run in Novi, MI. MCFC is a furry, or anthropomorphics, convention, which means that it is run for the furry fandom with the intention of offering programming catered to members of the furry fandom, as well as offering a venue for dealers, costumers, and general socializing of said fandom.

Who is MCFC, Inc.?

MCFC, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit corporation founded in Michigan with the express purpose of holding the Motor City Furry Con event. No staff or volunteers receive monetary compensation for their work, but thanks is always appreciated.

Is MCFC affiliated with FCN?

MCFC and FCN are two separate corporate entities, and while most of MCFC’s staff have attended FCN and a few FCN staff will also be working as staff for MCFC, there is no official affiliation between the two entities. FCN as an event and as a corporate is retired. MCFC does not intend to establish “FCN 2.0″. However, many of our staff have attended or volunteered at FCN and do plan to continue the tradition of a relaxed social environment for furry fans.

Wait, but isn’t this the location and time that FCN used?

That is correct. The staff feel that FCN’s departure left a hole on the calendar and MCFC is intended to fill that hole. The hotel has already established that they are willing to work with furries and the convention’s needs, as well as provide friendly service and excellent rooming accommodations. There is food and shopping nearby to satisfy the needs of our attendees, and a bar that is willing to help the social attendees be even more social.

What’s a lifetime membership?

A limited number of lifetime memberships will be made available during registration for the first year, and for the first year only. These memberships will entitle the attendee to register for free every year at the attending level. If a lifetime member wishes to upgrade at single cons later on, they will certainly be able to. An lifetime attending member is entitled to all of the same amenities as a regular attending members..

Who can attend MCFC?

MCFC is open to all who wish to attend, but we do have the limit that registered attendees must be 18 and over.

How do I get a hotel room?

If you previously registered for a hotel room using the FCN 2014 hotel room block, the Novi Sheraton has been gracious enough to automatically roll your room reservation into MCFC’s room block. All other attendees are encouraged to contact the Novi Sheraton for reservations.

Where can I find out more?

Updates and more details about MCFC will be posted at:




19 Responses to FAQ

  1. Avatar Red Unicorn III
    Red Unicorn III says:

    If you guys want help, please let me know. Volunteered a lot for FCN the past four years. Unloading the trucks on Thursday, setting up the lights and sound. Have helped with Registration. Helped out in the Sponsor lounge all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Help with breakdown on Monday. Loading the trucks back up and final clean up, and I had a blast doing it. Really would love to help get this going from the start.
    Red Unicorn III

  2. We have vended at FCN for the past 3 years and were very, very disappointed when we found out that it was being disbanded. We were just vending at FurFright and were told about Motor City Fur Con. When will you have vendor information available?

  3. Man, I really want to go to a furcon ;~;
    stupid 18+ rule *sobs

  4. Avatar Cmdr Kitsune
    Cmdr Kitsune says:

    Will there be a page for submitting panels/programming?

  5. I’m so glad that you guys are keeping a local furry con going.
    I usually have a table and am eagerly looking forward to the dealer sign up.

    Also, I am a full service printer so if you need flyers, posters, signs and all that other con stuff let me know. I’ll happily work with you to get awesome stuff and stay in your budget.

    Let me know how I can help.

  6. Avatar Shady & Kazraks
    Shady & Kazraks says:

    We purchased 2 sponsor tickets for this convention and while the bill has showed up on my paypal, I have yet to receive a confirmation email stating that the purchase went through on your end. Is this normal? Or should I have received an email? Thanks
    Shady & Kazraks

    • It seems paypal is being difficutl about reciepts, we will have to perform it as a batch once I talk to our developer. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible regarding this.

  7. I was hoping that MCFC would drop the 18+ registration limit as I would like to properly introduce my sister, who will turn 14 that weekend, to what a furry convention really is. She and her/our mother live about 10 minutes away from the con hotel and while I’ll definitely be in the area, I don’t know if I’m gonna go for more than just an afternoon; probably Saturday.

  8. Avatar TeflonCougar
    TeflonCougar says:

    I’ve had artist express an interest in attending if there will be an Artist’s Alley in addition to the Dealer’s Den. Any announcement on that?

  9. Will there be a conbook?, or are you looking for artists to draw anything up for this convention?

    • There is not a convention book but there will be two apps that will host all our con info as well as a pocket guide that you may get at registration.

  10. Not sure if I missed the post that talked about this, but me and my mate just pre registered for super sponsor, when should we expect a email from you confirming our order? Would suck to have spent all that money, get to the con and not have it properly gone through…