The March COVID-19 Update

by Mcfc
Posted on 9 months ago

COVID-19 Policy Update

Today we would like to inform you of the recent changes to our COVID-19 policy. In response to the declining rate of infection and recent changes to CDC masking guidelines, MCFC has chosen to return to a policy, similar to last year, of strongly recommending but not requiring masks in most areas of the convention space.

There will be some exceptions to this policy such as Main Events, Secondary Events, Registration, and the Dealers Den where we will require that you to continue to mask up due to the nature of those venues. There are some other activities that may require masks and signage will be provided to remind you of the locations where masks will be required. In other areas the choice will be up to you, your personal situation, and your comfort level. We still highly recommend masking in general as an extra safety measure and ask you to use sound judgment and courtesy to others in all areas of the convention space. We aim to offer a safe yet relaxed environment to enjoy the social aspect of the furry fandom. We ask for your understanding that, like most things during this pandemic, these requirements are subject to change dependent on Covid conditions in our area.

We will, however, still require proof of vaccination to attend the convention this year, as vaccination continues to be the most effective way to reduce the risk of infection and the severity of COVID-19.

We look forward to welcoming you to our convention this year and allowing you to experience an enjoyable break from everyday life during these trying times.