MCFC will be requiring COVID-19 vaccination to attend our October, 2021 convention. Please see our recent announcement for the latest details.

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About MCFC

What is Motor City Furry Con?
Motor City Furry Con is a convention run in southeastern Michigan. MCFC is a furry, or anthropomorphics, convention, which means that it is run for the furry fandom with the intention of offering programming catered to members of the furry fandom, as well as offering a venue for dealers, costumers, and general socializing of said fandom.
Who is MCFC, Inc.?
MCFC, Inc. is a 501c4 non-profit corporation founded in Michigan with the express purpose of holding the Motor City Furry Con event. No staff or volunteers receive monetary compensation for their work, but thanks is always appreciated.
Who can attend MCFC?
Membership is open to anyone 18 years and older.
How do I get a hotel room?
Rooms can be booked though our site here (when the link is up) or by visiting The Westin Detroit Southfield's website and using our event code (when it is posted).
Where can I find out more?
Updates and more details about MCFC will be posted on all of our social media sites. Links to those are on the right side of your screen for desktop browsers, and on the bottom for mobile browsers.


Is vendor space available?
All vendor space in the Dealers Den for MCFC 2021 is now taken, sorry. :(


Should I Register?
Yes! You need to register in order to receive your badge. The badge is what gains you entry into all of the convention's offerings. We have Early Bird and Pre-registration rates before the convention, so we encourage you to register as soon as you're sure you're going to attend so you can lock in the best rates. Especially this year, for the 2021 convention we may not allow on-site registrations. If we go that direction, better to get your registration in early, before the convention.
Who is allowed to attend?
Most anyone can attend, so long as you're 18. Sorry, we can't allow anyone 17 or under to register at this time.
Do I need ID to check in?
Yes, please bring a form of currently valid government-issued photo identification which lists your birthday, and have it ready when picking up your badge in registration. This can include a driver's license or state ID, passport, military ID, tribal ID, or such.
Does general admission cover all the days of the convention?
Yes, except for the Day Pass registrations all the levels cover Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you pre-register before April 1st, you can pick up your badge on Thursday and enjoy the evening programming, too!
Do I need an account to register?
No, you can provide your information on the registration form without logging in. If you create an account first, however, that lets you log back in later to keep track of your registration, makes upgrading easier, and such. You can register multiple people under the same account. Having an account also lets you do other things with the site, such as build a customized schedule.
How can I upgrade?
If you have an account on the site, log in and then click the Upgrade link. If not, look for the confirmation email in your inbox. The confirmation link contained in there will allow you to upgrade your registration, too!
Are refunds available?
Our current Terms of Service disallow refunds on registrations at this time. However, we do know emergencies happen and are able to make exceptions. Send an email over to and let us know what's up, and we'll see what we can do!
Do I have to have a fursuit to attend?
No. :)