Volunteer for MCFC

Conventions run on volunteers, and we love every one of ours.

We're always on the lookout for anyone that would like to volunteer for MCFC! We have a bunch of awesome stuff planned, and could really use your help!

If you do, you'll earn our undying love. But, as if that's not enough, if you give us as few as 4 hours of your time you'll receive a custom MCFC volunteer keychain, not available any other way. Put in 8 hours, a small batch, rare MCFC Skull cap will be yours. Made just for our volunteers!

Reach 12 hours, we'll offer you a code to redeem for a free attending membership at MCFC 2019! But if you've gone that far, why stop there? At 20 volunteer hours, that becomes a free Sponsor-level membership!

SIGN UP TODAY! Fill out the form at: https://goo.gl/forms/E1t3lb2ZwGyJayzP2 or tick the box near the end of the registration page.