Volunteer for MCFC

Conventions run on magic..or do they? No, of course they do! But they also run on volunteers!

As always we are looking for volunteers to help make MCFC run greater than imagined and every corridor and class could use help from someone like you! Of course you can help for as long as you desire but should you really be going for house points, working 5 hours gets you a one-of-a-kind MCFC 2019 keychain! If you’re not too filled up on potions and help out for 10 hours, a specially designed and unique wand is yours (spell cast responsibly!). Lastly, if you’re the perfect-attendance kind of student, reaching 15 hours will earn you an Attending membership to next year’s gathering!

So put down that Weekend Oracle and go sign up on the form today, student!

Volunteer for MCFC

If you have any questions regarding volunteering for MCFC:

Send us an email!