MCFC has been rescheduled to October, 2021! Please check our information page for the latest details.

Volunteer for MCFC

Looking to make this year's future clearer and brighter? How about lending a hand!

MCFC is always looking to have someone like yourself help build the world of tomorrow and secure its legacy! Helping out the con is a great way to not only help keep us running on the hovercrafts we've got on loan, but lets you learn about the convention too! Plus, we don't expect you to help for free and we have three tiers of rewards for lending a paw when we need it:

  • If you help out for at least 5 hours, we'll present you with a limited-edition keychain made for this year's theme!
  • Going the extra mile and helping out for 10 hours will get you a gift to be determined soon!
  • Going all in, are we? Well, helping us out for 15 hours will grant you a free Attending membership for next year's convention!

So if helping out is something you like to do, go sign up on the form below or tick that mark on the registration form and we'll email you with details before the con and see you there!

If you have any questions regarding volunteering for MCFC:

Send us an email!