Volunteer for MCFC

Welcome Volunteers or hopefuls!

We are so excited to have Volunteering as an option each year, this year being no different. Volunteering requires no specific skills, no licenses, no required amount of dedication. All we ask is your honest effort and a commitment to see a task through!

Firstly, just make sure you are registered for our convention! In order to Volunteer, you need to have an official registration badge so that we can track your hours as you move through the con space.

Download Telegram and join the Volunteer Channel: https://t.me/+edWBeTptz90zZTQx; We post a Volunteer Hour Schedule for the con as well as emergency requests from our staff! This will be a great location to ask questions about volunteer specifics. (Note: (a) see below for notes)

Looking at the convention this year, we are always seeking volunteer help to coordinate many various tasks. From Line Enders at Pre-Reg to door checkers at Sponsor's lounge, we always have a spot for help! We track our hours manually and you can collect one of those sheets in Con Ops. Please make sure that your name and telegram handle is written legibly! We want to make sure that you are being awarded your swag for helping out and that means we need to read it. We also ask that you turn in your physical form by no later than Load-Out on Monday after the Convention! (Note: (b) see below for notes)

When you work hours, you will need to find a staff member to confirm you are working. They will be the one to sign off on your work so that way you don't need to run to find specific Volunteer staff. Once you get enough hours, you will be able to receive Volunteer-Only Swag. These items are not in the Con Store and are specifically for you guys that help make our Convention run smoothly!

  • Tier 1 – 5 hours – Token of Appreciation
  • Tier 2 – 10 hours – Specialized Swag
  • Tier 3 – 15 hours – Free Basic Attendance Coupon

(Note:(c)(d) see below for notes)

Lastly, We want to make sure that everyone understands how important volunteering is to us at MCFC. We staff our convention each year to make sure that the convention is able to run, no matter how rocky it gets. Our Volunteers are the ones that help make the road smoother and keep us from running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

When volunteering, you show us how much you can do for the convention as well as how much you are committed to completing your task. I am proud to say that recently over the past few conventions, our staff has grown specifically due to recent Volunteers that have shown initiative. If you don't have previous con staff experience, get that resume started by volunteering! (Note:(d) see below for notes)

We are super excited to meet you guys and see you running around the convention as we used to back when we were Volunteers! Our Community means a lot to us; Our Volunteers help us grow, just as we, Staff, are also Volunteers; We want you to know that we respect any and all volunteering efforts, as without volunteers, MCFC wouldn't exist!

We hope to see you at the Convention and we hope that this has given you a bit more understanding about the Volunteer Department. We will have a spot during Pre-registration on Thursday from 6pm-8pm for additional questions you may have or you can ask them on our Telegram Channel! (https://t.me/+edWBeTptz90zZTQx)

Cecil Horns
MCFC Volunteer Department Head

MCFC Volunteer Department Vice Head

Wolfe Masters
MCFC Volunteer Department Load-In/Load-Out

(a) Telegram is our official update and scheduling location, which means if you only have a phone number, you might not get contacted about any volunteering opportunities/emergencies.
(b) If a paper is not legible, our Staff will make a serious attempt to decipher. Physical Records are kept, however, if missing swag is a result of illegibility, it is not MCFC's responsibility to seek the correction of this error. Paper forms submitted by Monday after Load-Out may be ineligable for some volunteer swag. To ensure you collect the swag, please turn in your hours as soon as you have them completed!
(c) Specifics of the 5/10 hour swag items are release in the Telegram Channel shortly before Con starts.
(d) Basic Attendance Coupon will discount the current price of Basic Attendance during Registration. It can be used to discount Sponsor/Super Sponsor Tickets and does not need to be used solely for Basic Attendance.
(e) There is no guarantee of becoming staff after Volunteering. The amount of work put in during Volunteering does not equate an automatic acceptance as staff. This is just a common pattern that happens and we hope to see it continue.