Volunteer for MCFC

Salutations Volunteers!

We’re coming up to the convention time finally after the delay we’ve all endured waiting for the chance to be together again, and with that opportunity comes chances to help us do the best we can do.

First off, as you’ve likely heard, MCFC is requiring attendees to have the Covid-19 vaccine. We are requiring this to help keep our community safe as we enjoy this wholesome experience together for the weekend in close proximity. It’s just the right thing to do in our opinion and want to make sure attendees and staff alike are safe as we all enjoy and help make the con experience go great!

Looking toward the future at the convention, as always we’ll be seeking volunteers throughout the day to help out at various events and doorways, checking badges or helping setup. To coordinate this, we’ve been relying on Telegram for contacting our group of helpers and finding the help as we need it. We’ll be sending volunteers to various departments (Artist alley, Dealer’s den, Registration, etc) and you’ll be given a sheet to keep track of your working time which will need to be signed off at the end of each job by a staff member in that department. These sheets can be found at and returned to Con Ops throughout the day and they will make their way to us at the Volunteer’s department for logging. Of course, when you’ve accrued enough hours helping the convention, there are tiers of rewards given in return for helping us run smoothly! The tiers this year are as follows:

  • Tier 1 – 5 hours – Retro con swag
  • Tier 2 – 10 hours – Con store item
  • Tier 3 – 15 hours – Free Attending

As you can attest, covid has been a damper on getting things done or able to do things in general. Production with vendors for example have been tedious so our tiers this year have a slight variance to them. So we figured we could use this to our benefit as well as anyone who likes convention swag collecting and this year’s first tier will be previous convention swag (or anything else that might make it out from our fuzz covered basements)! Tier two will be a con store item (as of right now there isn’t a set monetary limit or specific item to that) and of course the third tier will be attending to next year’s convention.

We’re excited to see you (finally!) this year and hope you can help make it an even greater return to somewhat normal. If you’re not yet joined in the telegram channel for our announcements and volunteer opportunities, follow this link to the Volunteer’s telegram channel: https://t.me/+edWBeTptz90zZTQx

Hope to see you all there!

Levant Lazuli
MCFC Volunteer Department