Panel Submission

Event submissions for Motor City Furry Convention 2024 are now open!

Need some inspiration? Here's some things to get you thinking about what you could do with all of your furry friends:

  • Comedy performances and open mic's
  • Musical concerts
  • Art, writing, and other instructional panels
  • Games introductions and tournaments
  • Something about dinosaurs
  • Fursuiting how-to's
  • Charity boosters
  • Shared interest meet & greets
  • Movie and media discussions
  • Seriously, DINOSAURS

We're open to all of that, and more! Most of what you'll see at the convention is from YOU and your fellow MCFC con-goers. So if you have an idea for a panel you'd like to submit, fill out the form below, submissions will be accepted through December 11, 2023!

Also if the form below doesn't fit on this page, you can get to it directly from this button, which may work a little better in mobile browsers...

Direct link to 2024 Panels Form