Say hello to Animal Magic!

by Artkit
Posted on 6 years, 4 months ago

We're happy to introduce everyone to our fantastic charity for 2016: Animal Magic!

Animal Magic is operated by Mark Rosenthal and is dedicated to exotic wildlife conservation and life science education. For 34 years they have educated audiences, sharing knowledge, respect and appreciation for the animals that share our planet.

Educating the public and promoting conservation are just a couple of the ways they show their commitment to the animal kingdom. When local animal control officers are confronted with a dangerous exotic, they're sent in to rescue the often illegally obtained “pet.” Their fully licensed “Haven” program also accepts most exotic animals (including venomous snakes) from private citizens. They are dedicated to helping those who have discovered that owning this type of “pet” is unfair to the animal, potentially dangerous and far more difficult than they imagined.

Mark and his animals will be doing shows and Q&A for us this year and we look forward to having them with us!

Check them out at and we look forward to seeing all of you at Motor City Furry Con 2016!