Our Charity: Animal Magic

Motor City Furry Con is proud and excited to welcome back Animal Magic as our local charity for a second year!

You can now donate to Animal Magic via Paypal! Click this link to donate.

Animal Magic is operated by Mark Rosenthal and is dedicated to exotic wildlife conservation and life science education. For 34 years they have educated audiences, sharing knowledge, respect and appreciation for the animals that share our planet.

Educating the public and promoting conservation are just a couple of the ways they show their commitment to the animal kingdom. When local animal control officers are confronted with a dangerous exotic, they're sent in to rescue the often illegally obtained “pet.” Their fully licensed “Haven” program also accepts most exotic animals (including venomous snakes) from private citizens. They are dedicated to helping those who have discovered that owning this type of “pet” is unfair to the animal, potentially dangerous and far more difficult than they imagined.

Animal Magic is in specific need of your help this year to raise funds for new indoor habitats for their resident sloths and binturong. The current enclosures are old, falling apart, and due for an upgrade. Let's lend a hand to give these critters a safe and comfortable home during these Michigan winters!

Mark and his animals will be doing a live show and Q&As for us this year and we look forward to having them with us!

Check them out at www.iwantanimalmagic.com

Charity Auction

For the past two years we have managed to raise $8000 and $10000, respectively, and this year we're looking to get that number even higher! We need your help to do that! Our Charity Auction is the single largest producer of donations during the convention and it's thanks to the awesome donations from you that have made it so!

If you're interested in helping us out and bring in some money for all the fuzzy animals please fill out this form!

Donation Link: https://goo.gl/forms/xQCrW0BUDs9XmtmZ2

Charity Auction Rules of Operation