MCFC 2022 Forms Galore!

Posted on 2 years, 3 months ago

MCFC 2022 is March 25 - 27, 2022 and so it's just a few short months away! Everyone here has hit the ground running to try to get everything ready for you by then. And the next thing we're ready for: Dealers and Panels!

Now, let's get you to the correct form depending on what you're interested in...

I'm Interested in a Dealers Den Table

Awesome! The key things you'll need to know: It's not a first-come selection process, so it's worth taking some time on the application to put your best foot forward, and the application form closes December 19th.

Become a Dealer

I'm Interested in Running a Panel/Event

Awesome, too! The key things you'll need to know: Panels are evaluated as they go in, so it is a little better to submit earlier. But if you get that last minute idea, the progrmaming application form closes December 31st.

Panel Ideas Welcome

I'm Interested in Registering

Well .. we'd hoped to have that running at this time, too, but there's a couple more things we need to get set for it. Give us a couple of days to get those ducks in a rows, and that'll be available, too!

Hotel room availability will be a little later -- very likely early January. We'll get the date posted ASAP when that's set so that you can prepare.

I'm Interested in Fursuit Games

And lastly, the Fursuit Games team has a form they put together to gather some input on that. If you attended the Games last year or are planning to this upcoming con, you can provide your comments here:

Fursuit Games Suggestions

Your header graphic still says 2021

Yeah, I know. That's next on my list! Patience, please!