Last Minute Need-To-Knows before MCFC 2021

Posted on 1 year, 12 months ago

Hotel Room Cleaning Service

Just a heads up for those staying in the main hotel, they're not doing the automatic daily room clean like you may be used to from the Before Times. They've asked us to relay this message:

I wanted to let you know that the Hotel does not clean sleeping rooms mid-stay. We haven’t since we opened back up after Covid.

If a guest needs toilet paper, tissues, towels, etc., they can call down to the front desk and housekeeping will bring the items up to their room during the daytime hours.

If someone does need their room fully cleaned, they need to call down to the front desk and request it the day before.

So yeah, just let them know if you need anything.

Service and Emotional Support Animals

The hotel has also asked us to remind you of their animal policy:

The hotel only allows service animals for persons with disabilities and requires a waiver for each. Emotional support animals are not permitted at all.

Hotel Incidental Holds

And one last notice from the hotel:

The hotel will apply a $50 hold per night for incidental charges.  So, when we authorize a guest’s credit card.  In addition to the room rate, we also process $50 per night.  If someone is staying 4 nights, this will be an additional $200, which will be released at check out.

It may also be work mentioning that we do not accept cash at check in.  We require a credit card (or debit card although I do not recommend the later because we are actually holding funds.)

Parking Info

The hotel has a large parking lot out front. There is no charge for parking. For additional information, or if you need the address or other travel details, see the Travel / Parking information page.

Registration and Badge Updates

We know you may have initially registered a loooong time ago, and names or pictures might have changed, but unfortunately they're locked in at this point. The registration staff have completed the pre-reg print runs, and thus will be unable to change the name or icon on your badge at this time.