The Canadian Border and the Board Gaming Room

Posted on 1 year, 6 months ago

If you were planning on coming over from Canada you may have seen the news that the land border into the US will remain closed until at least after our 2021 dates. If you're planning to travel by air, that's fine. Just not by car. (Yeah, we're confused by it, too.)

If you're affected by the border being closed, we'll gladly honor your registration in 2022 (the COVID-19 page has some instructions to help with moving it) and there's still time to cancel the hotel room.

We're doubly saddened by the news. Of course we're sorry to not be able to hang out with our Canadian neighbors, and had very much hoped you'd be able to join us for our get-together this year. But secondly:

The Board Gaming Room

The majority of our Board Gaming room staff travel from Canada to help out, and as such won't be able to join us this year due to that border remaining closed. It's been so long; we miss seeing them. :(

That unfortunately also means the incredible library of games they typically bring along also won't be available.

Instead the Board Gaming room will be a little more of an open room this year. We'll still have the room set aside for it, but it'll be more of a BYOBG type of space. If there's a game you really enjoy and want to share, bring it along. We may try to work out a way to coordinate gathering times for games you want to run.

Volunteering Makes Conventions Happen

That's the biggest impact the border closure has had on the con, but a few other departments have been hit by it, too. So please be understanding if it takes a few minutes longer to get through a line or to pick up your badge. <3

If you're able to lend a hand, I encourage you to throw your hat into the Volunteer ring; they've just updated some of their info to make helping out a little easier. And an hour here or there can really make a difference!

Thanks, and see you in a couple of weeks!