MCFC 2024 - December Update

Posted on 4 months, 3 weeks ago

There's still one last week in 2023, and were's hoping you get spend those joyous moments with your friends and family, or even some quiet time just by yourself if that's more your speed. As for us, we still have our eyes on 2024 getting everything ready for you for April! First on the docket...

COVID-19 Policy Update

In 2024, MCFC will no longer be requiring COVID-19 vaccination to attend.

You are of course still encouraged to keep up to date on those routine vaccinations. But we won't be checking those cards this year.

As always, if you're not feeling well before the convention resting up at home is the best bet. All of your friends will love you all the more for it. It's no fun missing a convention, but it's far less fun trying to travel or attend one when under the weather. Like the Code of Conduct says, if you're feeling ill before MCFC please stay home.

Programming Update

The submissions are in! A big thank you to everyone that contributed something for the schedule! I see some great ideas on that list. Reviews are in progress, and you should hear something soon.

Guests of Honor

If you didn't catch it, the 2024 GoH's have been revealed! Come check out the info on BlindCoyote and Clyde Pine of Camp Howl:

2024 Guests of Honor

Early Bird Registration Closes Soon

I keep hearing that MCFC has become birdcon. Maybe it has to do with being in spring and migratory paths or something. Well whether or not you have feathers, Early Bird registration pricing closes soon! Get those registrations in by the end of the year:

2024 Registration Info