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BlindCoyote Portrait


My name is Stephen Scott, also known as BlindCoyote online. An independent artist born and raised in Michigan, and currently living in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I've been an active part of the furry community for 12 years now! Many of you have probably seen my work at Motor City and many other cons around the country. I try to offer a unique spin on general creature and character illustrations with my own flavor of fantasy, color, and light.

I started drawing only after I graduated high school as a way to pass the time. I learned to love the process, putting all my time and energy into the skill. The community is everything to me and I would not be where I am today without it.

I'm currently taking steps to expand in and outside of the furry community to connect with others and tell my stories. Thank you all for having me and I look forward to sharing my work with all of you as well!

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Clyde Pine

Clyde Pine Portrait

CAMP HOWL’s artist and owner Clyde Pine is a transgender artist and small business owner who was born and raised in the Metro Atlanta area. He currently lives in SE Atlanta with his partner, Delta, and their French bulldog, Stitch. With the help of his partner and closest friends, Clyde travels around the country attending Furry conventions as CAMP HOWL, where they sell a variety of products featuring his artwork.

Clyde’s life as an artist began in childhood. His love for animals and nature has always been his biggest inspiration. Being from the Appalachian foothills gave him a deep rooted appreciation for forests and their inhabitants. As a result, many of his designs feature both animals and foliage. As a teenager, he found a likeminded community in Furry spaces and eventually started taking commissions online and at Furry conventions in Artist Alleys.

He went on to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, where he became fond of creating repeating patterns. After graduating, he began working as an in-house pre-production artist for a children’s clothing company, where he learned a great deal more about pattern making and overseas manufacturing. During his time working in children’s fashion, Clyde started to wonder why bright and playful clothing seems exclusive to children. He spent his free time designing merchandise to sell online and at conventions until leaving his office job to give full attention to his business.

The community within the Furry fandom has helped Clyde to create and share art of what’s important to him, and has made CAMP HOWL what it is today. Now, his goal as an artist and business owner is to make brightly colored apparel and accessories for all bodies to show off their wild side!

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