MCFC will be requiring COVID-19 vaccination to attend our October, 2021 convention. Please see our recent announcement for the latest details.

Guests of Honor

Citrine Husky

Citrine Husky's Fursonas

Citrine Husky A.K.A. Tony Patrick is a blind 28 year-old from Central Indiana. By the age of 4 he received a piano for Christmas from his grandmother, and almost immediately it became apparent that Tony enjoyed music. Years later, he first attended IFC 2014 and never looked back. He was GOH at FurReality 2015 and has attended over 30 Furry cons performing at nearly every single one. In 2018 Tony, now officially known as Citrine, decided to release his first album of original music, Love is Blind. Citrine released six more albums over the next three years, including the early 2021 release Screw You Covid. As of MCFC 2021 the 8th album called To My Dogs part 2 is available.

In addition to music Citrine has been in multiple dance comps, comedy and charity events and currently has five different fursuit characters including Ice Typ, Citrine, TCG Shep, Steel, and Brownie Shep. Keep an eye out for Citrine Husky. He is very friendly and is looking forward to meeting you this year. Just be sure to call his name because remember that he is blind.


If you want some unique art, look no further! Scrapteeth is a fantastic artist and is a valuable member of our local community, and for those reasons we're very happy to include Scrapteeth as one of this year's Guests of Honor. Official bio coming soon!

Sharpe Costumes

Sharpe Costumes Fursuit

Hailing from southeast Michigan, Rebecca Sharpe has been making monsters and fursuits since 2008 and been involved in the cosplay community since 2012. Her main focus is in realistic costumes but she has ventured into the realm of cartoon or horror. Experienced in foam fabrication, resin work, and silicone, she's always willing to give a little nudge in the right direction when construction questions come her way.

Often found haunting the local Renaissance faires, Sharpe has delved into armor craft, leather working, and was involved in a local monster movie around Traverse City back in 2012. You can catch her with the Mandalorian Mercs or bounding around at local events with her gryphon Taruk, just listen for the metal clanking or bird squawks!

Sharpe Costumes Fursuit 2
Sharpe Costumes Fursuit 3

Returning Guests


Pepper Coyote

Pepper Coyote (Jared Clark) lives in Arizona and has a degree in music education and is a choir and music instructor. Pepper started performing classical music at age 5 and continued until he reached age 16 when he joined a band and focused on the pop/rock genre. Pepper has recorded eight albums, some independently and others with his band Look Left. Pepper released his newest album “Muh” in December 2017.



It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen. Laughably, a ferret had been asked back as a guest of MCFC. Indeed you heard right, the top hat wearing giant of a ferret had been asked back to the con you are attending. Knowing he had been asked to write something about himself, he got to work! Easygoing as he was, Alkali jumped at the chance to put his pen to paper. The sounds of frantic scribbling could be heard through his home as he wrote facts on his very being. Excellent cook, host of whose lion, mate to Xander the blue, HUGE fan of D&D and all things LARPing. Quaint, kind, tall and loud finished his description that all attendees would see. Unabashed by his description the ferret sat back in his chair, elated having finished the task of describing himself. I know what you are asking, "why would Alkali write the story of him writing his entry rather than writing the entry himself"? Lament not my friends, for the true description of Alkali lies in one simple step. All you have to do is read the first letter of every sentence.