About Motor City Furry Con

Motor City Furry Convention is Michigan's 18+ anthropomorphic appreciation convention, for furries and furry fans alike. Come register at either Sponsor or Super Sponsor level and let our expert lounge staff show you why people come to party with us year after year. We have great panels, board games, video games, events, and so much more. This con is a labor of love and we aim to share that with all our guests. So come experience all the fun!

March 24 – 26, 2023 | Ann Arbor Marriott Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest | Ypsilanti, MI

The 2022 Fursuit Parade

Posted 8 months ago

Here we go, the group shot following the 2022 fursuit parade!

2022 Fursuit Parade Group Shot

Download original, 11 MB (6328x3328)

And the paws-up version!

2022 Fursuit Paws-Up Group Shot

Download original, 9.6 MB (6000x3262)

The count seems to be right around 300 fursuits. Thanks to all that participated!

MCFC 2022 Feedback Wanted!

Posted 8 months ago

Now that you've had a day or two to rest and reflect, we'd like to hear about your MCFC 2022 experience! Or let us know if you have an interesting idea for next year.

Good or bad, let us know how your convention went:

Tell us things!

The March COVID-19 Update

Posted 9 months ago

COVID-19 Policy Update

Today we would like to inform you of the recent changes to our COVID-19 policy. In response to the declining rate of infection and recent changes to CDC masking guidelines, MCFC has chosen to return to a policy, similar to last year, of strongly recommending but not requiring masks in most areas of the convention space.

There will be some exceptions to this policy such as Main Events, Secondary Events, Registration, and the Dealers Den where we will require that you to continue to mask up due to the nature of those venues. There are some other activities that may require masks and signage will be provided to remind you of the locations where masks will be required. In other areas the choice will be up to you, your personal situation, and your comfort level. We still highly recommend masking in general as an extra safety measure and ask you to use sound judgment and courtesy to others in all areas of the convention space. We aim to offer a safe yet relaxed environment to enjoy the social aspect of the furry fandom. We ask for your understanding that, like most things during this pandemic, these requirements are subject to change dependent on Covid conditions in our area.

We will, however, still require proof of vaccination to attend the convention this year, as vaccination continues to be the most effective way to reduce the risk of infection and the severity of COVID-19.

We look forward to welcoming you to our convention this year and allowing you to experience an enjoyable break from everyday life during these trying times.

The February COVID-19 Update

Posted 10 months ago

MCFC 2022 Status: Go

It’s February! And MCFC happens in March! Granted we’re at the very beginning of February, and MCFC is at the end of March. But still, it feels like we’re nearly there!

We’ve been so busy getting everything ready here; are you ready for the convention?

Vaccination Against COVID-19 Will Still Be Required to Attend MCFC 2022

Our vaccination policy is unchanged. You'll of course need to be fully vaccinated to attend.

We are not at the moment requiring boosters. (Though if you’re ready, go ahead and get one anyway; as we said before, please don’t base your health decisions on what a random furry convention minimally requires.)

Receive Your Final Shot By Thursday, March 10

Again, you're considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after your final dose of the primary series. That means if you've not been vaccinated the final day for that last shot is March 10th.

If you're looking to get one of the 2-dose series vaccines (such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines) there's usually a 3 or 4 week wait between the 1st and 2nd dose. As such, you'll want to target your first dose for early February – like, now.

They're still available free of charge, and probably at a location close to you!

COVID-19 Vaccination Proof

The types of proof we will accept is at this time still the same as before. The list includes but may not be limited to:

  • An original, or digital picture of an authentic United States CDC COVID-19 vaccination card. This is most likely what you'll have.
  • An official original document, or digital screen showing an official Canadian province vaccine record, an EU vaccination certificate, or similar record issued by the healthcare provider in your region that administered your vaccination.
  • A digital screen of a patient portal showing COVID-19 vaccination dates, such as UofM's MyChart.
  • A verifiable letter from a licensed healthcare professional attesting that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

When you get to the con, be prepared to show your documentation to registration staff in order to receive your badge. We will not retain any of the documentation, or record any of the information. Just, no proof, no badge. And please don't send it to us ahead of time.

International Travel and Local Testing

If you’re traveling internationally to attend MCFC, you may need to take a COVID-19 test before you travel. The nearest location that provides PCR tests is:

CVS on Whittaker Rd (About 1.5 miles away from the convention)

Please confirm the requirements both to and from your country of origin, and plan ahead! Figure out what requirements you’ll have to meet and when so that your trip goes as smoothly as possible!

If you're not traveling internationally and just want to know before the convention (a very good thing) testing is available all over. You can also place an order for 4 free at-home testing kits delivered by mail through the USPS so you have them available.

Subject To Change

We’ve learned many things while enduring this pandemic. I’m sure we all have. One of those things is that situations may change on a week to week, sometimes day to day basis.

We’re trying our best to surprise you with as few changes as needed. If you’re the optimistic type, perhaps we’ll see the numbers dramatically improve and we’ll be able to ease up on the mask restrictions.

If you’re worried about things going the other way, for example booster shots becoming necessary, as stated before we aim to not introduce any new requirements after February 24th. We’ll try our best to have our policy locked in, and not make any more restrictive changes after that.

Hotel Rooms Available Very Soon!

Posted 10 months, 2 weeks ago

MCFC 2022 Status: Go

Right about half an hour from this post, hotel rooms will be available on the hotel page:

Even if you're here a little early, please give the information there a read! There's a few details on there, like the 1 day deposit to hold the room, that we want to make sure you're aware of! And, good luck!