Parking / Travel

Parking Info

First, there is no cost for parking during the MCFC weekend.

The hotel has a parking lot in the front, but spaces are limited and are expected to fill up during the weekend. If at all possible please try to consolidate to one vehicle of you have multiple, or even carpool with friends. If you're having trouble finding parking please try nearby lots, such as the neighboring ride share lot.

New to the hotel this year: There are parking gates. The parking gates have terminals that look like the picture to the right.

For entry, the gates will be open while MCFC is active (Friday late morning through Sunday afternoon.)

If you arrive earlier or stay later the gates will be down, and the machine will print up a ticket. You can then get a QR code from the front desk, valet podium, or con registration. You don't need to bring the ticket in to receive the QR code.

To exit, if the gates are down scan the ticket then the QR code obtained above. If you didn't receive a QR code, there will be a call button you can press and the valet will open the gate remotely.

Again, parking will be free Thursday - Monday for the MCFC weekend. We just have to work with their new parking gates.

Driving Directions

GPS directions are usually a good bet. Just plug in the Ann Arbor Marriott Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest address:
1275 S Huron St, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197
or use your favorite mapping application.