Video Gaming

Motor CIty Furry Con has two gaming rooms for you to enjoy during the convention: Tabletop and Video Games!

Hours, open:
Fri 10AM - 12AM
Sat 10AM - 12AM
Sun 10AM - 7PM

The video game department is excited to premiere our new prize arcade machines this year. So come on up to Conference Room H and try your luck! Bring quarters or exchange cash for quarters on site.

We have over 280 plushies for the claw machine alone - most of which are either fancy name brand or weird as hell in some way!

The basketball machine will feature such things as Rick and Morty keychains, hippie bracelets, fidget spinners, pop sockets, fidget bubble poppers, kazoos, and more!

The Golden Gopher is an exceptionally high skill machine therefore, its prizes are all worth $20 or more - including a commission from our guest of honor Savestate valued at over $200! Because this machine requires some serious skill, it also dispenses raffle tickets. The raffle drawing will be done at Closing Ceremonies (must be present to win) and will include the custom MCFC house cup from the wizarding themed year - full of assorted prizes! Prizes such as a suit prop, custom video game themed full page art from a fantastic Con staff artist, amazing chain mail creations from Plaguerat, and more!

Standing in line at the Sponsor's Lounge? Drop a quarter into the new Furry Meter to discover your level of furryness definitively!

**100% of the proceeds from all the machines go to the charity**

Video Game Department Raffle