Charity Auction Rules of Operation

Donations I

  1. Donations for items into the Charity Auction will be accepted by the Charity Auction Coordinator and staff.
  2. An online donation form is available here. Please complete this form with information about your donation prior to arriving at the convention. This will be used to begin compiling the list of items that will be displayed in the auction.
  3. Donations will be collected at the convention in Con Ops starting Friday and until noon Sunday.
  4. Donating items after the start of the convention:
    1. Donations are welcome during the convention, but donations must have a submitted lot card with item title and description filled out and returned to the Charity Auction Coordinator or in Con Ops prior to auction time.
    2. Lot cards will be available at Con Ops prior to the auction.
  5. No last-minute donations! Please submit your donation before noon on Sunday. Donations made after this time, or at the start of the auction, will not be accepted.
  6. If you are donating a professional service (ex: masseuse, or tattoo artist) you will need your donation to be approved by charity auction staff and you must be able to provide proof of your license to auction staff before the service may be auctioned.
  7. Commissions are currently not being accepted as charity auction items.
  8. Any preowned items must be in good, clean condition. Any intimate items must be in new and sealed condition. Condition will be determined by Charity Auction staff upon inspection.
  9. Food and alcohol are prohibited.
  10. Donations may be declined at the discretion of Charity Auction Staff at any time.

Live Auction II

  1. The Live Auction will be presided over by the year's chosen auctioneer with the Charity Auction Coordinator and staff running the back end
  2. Auctioneer will be provided with the Lot Cards with item name and description in order to better convey the item(s) on the auction block.
  3. Bidders in the Live Auction will use their badges/hand raising to indicate desire to bid while verbally announcing the bid amount.
  4. Bid Amounts
    1. Starting bids under $50 must be at least $1 increments.
    2. Bids $50 and above must be at least $5 increments.
  5. Auctioneer will call "Going Once" and "Going Twice" on an item prior to calling the final "Sold".
  6. Once "Sold" has been called the final highest bid is the winner and is at that point obligated to provide the donation of that amount in order to receive the item(s) bid upon.
  7. The badge number of the winner will be collected at the call of "sold" as the identifier for the winner of that item(s).

Payment and Item Collection V

  1. Payment for winning bids will be collected after the auction has completed and all bids taken.
  2. Payment will be collected by the Charity and Auction Staff directly.
  3. Payment methods accepted will be cash and credit/debit card (subject to the charity’s abilities).
  4. An area will be setup to collect the payments and distribute items to their winners. (Location to be announced following end of the auction)
  5. Identity will be verified with badge number and corresponding name to ensure items go to the correct bidders.


Motor City Fur Con makes no guarantees of any item's condition and no warranty is provided. All transactions are final. The auction staff reserves the right to remove or deny any auction item at any time for any reason.