Tabletop Gaming

Motor CIty Furry Con has two gaming rooms for you to enjoy during the convention: Tabletop and Video Games!

Hours, open:
Fri 10AM - 12AM
Sat 10AM - 12AM
Sun 10AM - 8PM

If board games are your thing, come drop by and hang out in our Tabletop Gaming Room. We'll have many games on hand. Find a new game to try out with some old friends, or pick up an old game and perhaps make some new ones!

Be sure to check the schedule for planned games and events in the room.

From Milan, Michigan - Adventure, Ink comes back to bring MCFC fun, magic and most of all adventure to your convention this weekend. Whether you need dice to roll for initiative or the right cards to help you survive a table of new spell slinging friends we'll be in the game room for you all weekend.