MCFC 2019 Fursuit Dance Competition

Time: Saturday, 9:30 PM
Tryouts: Friday 2 PM (in Board of Trustees)
Location: Main Ballroom
Host: Seth Otter
MC's: Pandez and Seth Otter

This year at Motor City Furry Convention, we are pleased to announce the return of MCFC’s Fursuit Dance Competition! For those that have not seen a fursuit dance competition before, this is a popular main event at many furry conventions around the world that showcases some of the best talents of fursuiters. Guaranteed to be one of the highlights of MCFC 2019, you do not want to miss this event!

So, here's a few important details about the event:

  • The main event will take place Saturday at 9:30 PM in the Main Ballroom, where the big events happen. Make sure you arrive early to find spaces to sit and set up all your fancy cameras, and of course to prepare your throat for a lot of cheering! (Cough drops will not be provided for sore throats - sorry!)
  • This is a very action-packed event with lots of loud music and lighting effects. If you have any health concerns regarding noise levels or the lighting equipment of the event, please do not hesitate to contact myself, Seth Otter, or the A/V Staff. But again, you don't want to miss seeing this!
  • Potential and interested competitors will be able to register for the event online and at the panel (details within document).
  • There will be a preliminary panel for the dance competition that is mandatory for all competitors to attend (see below info).

Entry Requirements

For potential competitors, PLEASE CAREFULLY READ this next section of details, as they are vital to participate.

  1. There will be a preliminary panel for those that are interested in competing. This will be held at 2 PM on Friday in the Board of Trustees panel room. Attendance is mandatory for those wishing to participate in the fursuit dance competition. This is a closer-door preliminaries and spectators are not allowed except for handlers and staff.
    Preliminaries will serve as an audition for the final event. There are a limited amount of slots, so we’d like to give everyone a fair opportunity to compete! Please be sure to arrive on time so we can give everyone a chance to audition. Any cuts will be made and announced by 9pm that same evening. This event also serves as the hand-in for all music/media for the competitors.
  2. Please note that this is a FURSUIT dance competition, so show up to both the preliminaries and the Finals on Saturday in your performing suit.

    Acceptable entries are:
    • Fullsuits
    • Halfsuits/Partial suits (Head, Handpaws, Tail, AND Footpaws at minimum)

    Footwear alternative:
    In the case a competitor is lacking footpaws or prefers to dance in footwear specific to their style, the following alternatives are accepted
    • Happy Feet
    • High Heeled Shoes
    • Tap Shoes

    Non-acceptable entries are:
    Zentai suits, one-piece PJ's/kigurumis (Without a partial), or tail/ear combinations

    If you have any questions or concerns about anything regarding attire, please send me a note at my FA or an e-mail. Contact information is at the bottom of this document.
  3. This event is rated PG-13 - while the convention audience is comprised of entirely adults, we frown on any sort of profane behavior in the music. If you wonder whether or not your soundtrack may be appropriate, compare whether or not it would “radio-acceptable”. Please minimize all profanity, suggestive content, and/or racial/religion/hate slurs that may be part of your character/attire/music. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS FOR THIS RULE.
  4. Interested competitors must come to the preliminaries with their desired music that they will perform to on Saturday evening. You MUST bring your music in MP3 or WMA format (others will not be accepted) and on a portable device such as a USB Key, CD/DVD drive, etc. We will not download music for you - please don’t ask us to.
  5. The preliminaries will take about an hour long, depending on the number of competitors. Please make sure you are able to stay the ENTIRE panel! (There will be water and quick access to the headless lounge for fursuiters)
Feel free to get in contact over Telegram at @SethOtterman or e-mail if you have any questions or concerns about any of the above rules!


The preliminaries panel will consist of all registered dancers performing a small piece (up to 1 minute and 30 seconds) of their choreography to their desired song. This will also serve as a chance for competitors to receive valuable feedback from a panel of preliminary judges. Cuts will be made accordingly and the finalists will be announced by 9pm the same evening. We want to include as many dancers as possible, of all skill levels and dance styles, so please do not feel discouraged in trying out! We welcome all those interested, whether a veteran or a novice.

As stated before, you must bring your “final” music into this panel in order for it to be accepted for Saturday’s performance.


The finals will consist of all competitors, which we will put together in a list, putting on their performances one-by-one. Your performance/music must be at LEAST 1:30 and must NOT EXCEED 2:30 minutes in length; if so, we will manually fade it out. Each performer will then receive brief critique and feedback from the judging. There will also be a golf scoring system in use. Each judge will rank competitors in order of whom they believe has performed the best. At the end, the competitors with the lowest scores will be awarded First, Second, & Third respectively.

For example, in the following case the winners would be: 1st Berry, 2nd Forrest, 3rd Moon (Names are used only for example - not actual data)

Competitor: Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Total
Berry 1 2 1 4
Moon 2 3 4 8
Forrest 2 2 1 5

Important note to competitors:

While this is a dance competition, remember to enter with a mindset of having fun and sharing positive vibes with the crowd and your fellow dancers. Even if you don’t make it to the top 3 everyone's a winner in the end and we’re all here to have a good time and make the crowd roar with delight!

If you’ve made it this far in the document, chances are you’re dying to register for the dance competition. Fear not, you can send in online registrations through this form:

Register for the 2019 Dance Comp

Applicants, please note that you will NOT receive a confirmation email right away once you register. Please keep an eye out for an email closer to the convention, confirming your registration and with further instructions. However, if you’re not sure about registering for the competition, fear not! You’ll have the opportunity to do so at the preliminary panel itself (but only for a brief period of time at the beginning).

If you’re not sure whether or not you can make it to the competition but still are interested in competing, fear not! You can sign up at the panel as well, but make sure you have your song ready to hand in and your suit on! Remember, the your song must be at least 1:30 and must not exceed 2:30 (otherwise we will manually cut it)!

Contact Info:

In case of any questions, comments, or emergencies regarding the dance competition, please feel free to get in contact at:
Telegram: @SethOtterman

On behalf of all who have poured their time and efforts into this dance competition, we hope to see you there! Get ready for the excitement!