Sponsors' Lounge

When you register as a Sponsor (or better yet, Supersponsor!), you get access to the Sponsors' Lounge, where we have plenty of snacks and have meals available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the convention. Additionally, after 6 PM the Sponsors' Lounge served a selection of adult beverages. The food and beverages are all locally sourced, all from around Detroit!

Here's a preview of the menu for this year in no particular order:


Friday: 2 PM to 2 AM

Saturday: 10 AM to 2 AM

Sunday: 10AM to Midnight

Food Selections

Meals planned include:

Tacos & Burritos
Scrambled Eggs
Deli Style Sandwiches
The Hotel's Pizza
Sloppy Joes
Biscuits and Gravy

And any-time snacks include:

Hot Dogs
And, of course, Faygo soda
With more in the works

Each meal has vegetarian options, too!

Beverage Selections

Brewery Becker

  • Vargdricka Farmhouse Ale - Based on a Viking ale bittered with Juniper and Bog Myrtle Alcohol 6.2%
  • Hefeweizen - A classic German wheat beer. Known for banana and clove flavors. Light and drinkable! Alcohol 5.2%

Northville Winery

  • Crimson Dew Cherry Cider - Made with Michigan Apples and Michigan Balaton cherry juice. A dry yet fruity cider! Alcohol 6.5%
  • Rockin' Cock Apple Cider - Northville's signature hard apple cider! It won a double gold medal in 2012. Alcohol 6.5%
  • Red Rukus Raspberry Cider - Michan apple raspberry hard cider. Brilliant crimson bubbles start a sweet-tart ruckus! Alcohol 6.5%
  • Blue River Blueberry Cider - The light blueberry flavor is enough to satisfy any fan of blueberries. Alcohol 6.5%
  • Blood Orange Cyser - Alcohol 11%
  • BBC (Barrel Aged Hard Cider) - Alcohol 8%
  • Super Cyser (Standard Cyser) - Alcohol 11%
  • Katie Perry (Pear Cider) - Alcohol 6.5%


  • Final Absolution - Alcohol 10%

B. Nektar Meadery

  • Zombie Killer - Alcohol 5.5%
  • Tuco-Style Freakout - Alcohol 6%
  • Death Unicorn - Alcohol 6%

New Holland Brewing

  • Dragon's Milk - Alcohol 11%