Sponsors Lounge

Hours, open:
Fri Noon - 2 AM
Sat Noon - 2 AM
Sun Noon - Midnight

When you register as a Sponsor (or better yet, Supersponsor!), you get access to the Sponsors Lounge, where we'll have plenty of snacks available throughout the convention. If you joined us in previous years, we're unfortunately not able to offer the full breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals like we could in the past. But we will still have individually packaged snacks, hot appetizers, bottled water and soda available.

Additionally, after 6 PM the Sponsors' Lounge served a selection of complimentary adult beverages. The beverages are all locally sourced, all from around Detroit!

Meal & Snack Selections

MCFC will Host (1) Meal Tickets for the length of the conference per Sponsor, Super Sponsor and Convention Staff Member


Hot turkey and Swiss on a Kaiser roll and chips
Crispy chicken sandwich and chips
Taco's or nachos w/ assorted toppings and nacho cheese
Goulash and chips
Chicken Santa Fe egg roll and chips


Assorted Individual Bags of Chips and Pretzels
Hot Dogs (after 8 PM each day)

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Faygo Beverages

21+ Beverage Selections

Brewery Vivant


Wizard Burial Ground Bourbon Barrel Aged Quadrupel - Brewed once a year, this special quadrupel is aged in freshly drained bourbon barrels and disappears into the shadows for a full year of cellaring. This year's brew becomes next year's release. We've been wood-aging beers and experimenting with wild fermentation since we opened in 2010. We encourage those in search of funky flavors to join us at our annual Wood-Aged Beer Festival each Autumn to find out more. +9% ABV - varies by year

Big Red Coq Farmhouse Red Ale - Deep red with rich caramel malts paired with copious amounts of bold and tropical Citra hops. Malty sweetness balances the hoppy bitterness. 6%



Lake Effect (Zest) Ginger and blood orange cider with lemon. 4%

Lake Effect (Blush) Dew Blackberry cider with lemon. 4%

Midwest Nice Not too dry, not too sweet. The most agreeable cider around. Like biting into your favorite juicy and bright apple.blueberries. 6.5%

Punch Bowl Sangria Tart and fruity cranberries and blackberries, blended with juicy blood orange and fresh citrus blossom. 5.5%



Prickly Pear Kill All The Golfers Gluten-free - Fruity prickly pear character, balanced sweetness with honey rolling into a nice lemony acidity, mild tanic, semi-dry finish. 6.2%

Black Fang 100% Gluten-free - Sweet and smooth with a full-bodied, dark berry wine character. Reminiscent of Spanish sangria and Garnacha grape wine. The creamy and carbonated mouthfeel finishes dry with a firm clove aftertaste. 6.4%

Blackberry Mint Gently sweet, and luscious blackberry balanced by a refreshingly lively mint character and understated note of honey. Medium/light body with an uplifting mouthfeel and semi-dry, mildly tannic finish. 4%


Blood Amulet Sweet, cranberry- forward tart/tannic character rounded out by fresh apple and raspberry notes. Lively medium body with a full mouth experience balancing sweet, tart and acidity. Lingering sweet/tart finish. 6.2%

Still Mead

Fleur De Bees Gluten-free - Inspired by the New Orleans Hurricane Drink, which is the quintessential NOLA cocktail that always gets the party started. Fleur De Bees is perfectly sweet, tropical, and highly addictive, they bring a little bit of The Big Easy right to your home!! 16.8%

St Ambrose


Razzputin Cast a sour spell with this sour raspberry and honey session draft mead. 6%

Black Madonna Sour blackberry draft session mead. Tart, with sweet honey - very unique! 6%

Rhythm & Blues Rock n' roll your blues away with this mix of honey, black currants, and blueberries. 6%

John Lemon Lemony and refreshing. It's a lemonade made for the adults. 7%


Pear Cider Pear Cider. 5~7%

Silly Sangaria Fruit infused white wine. 10%

Cranmas' Wine 5~11%

Imperial Blood Orange Cider Imperial Blood Orange Cider. 5~11%

Brewery Becker


Victoria Stout An English brown malt export stout. Dark, rich and smooth. 7.0%

Jörmungandr This brew gained vast popularity at Brewery Becker. A Belgian dark strong ale, this powerful beer blends distinct caramel flavors with the dry and smooth finish of alcohol. 10.6%

Fruit Braggot Intense fruit flavors dominate in this traditional braggot, a mix of finished beer re-fermented with honey. 16.9% 5 oz.

Pilsner Originally from the Czech Republic, it is the world’s most popular beer style. Extremely well balanced between the malt and hops. 5 ~ %