Eclipse Tips

If you weren't aware, April 8th, 2024 (the Monday after MCFC) there will be a total solar eclipse across the US. And if you're staying through Monday, Ypsilanti will be in 99% totality! For the area around the hotel, the eclipse will start at around 1:57 PM and hit its maximum around 3:13 PM.

However if you really want the experience, 99% isn't enough. To experience a total solar eclipse and see the corona and all that, you'll need to find a spot within 100% totality. The closest place to experience that is Toledo, about 50 miles to the south. Toledo will experience about 1 - 2 minutes of totality, starting at 3:12 PM.


Basically, please don't look directly at the sun, even while partially eclipsed. Get some eclipse glasses with special filters beforehand so that you can be ready.

Review eclipse safety information online to better prepare.

A Plea from MCFC

We want to see it, too! However, Monday is our load-out day. We're planning to start at 8 AM, and it takes a few hours to load the truck then unload it into storage at the destination a couple miles away.

Please help if you're willing and able to, especially if you're staying around for the day anyway to watch the eclipse. Many paws make light work, and if we can get it done early we can all take the time to get in position where we can enjoy it the most. And load-out hours count double for volunteering. Please see the volunteering page if you can help!